Q. What sizes do you offer?
A. Each quilt is custom made for you. Rows can be added to make any size you want.
Small quilt : 12 squares (appx. 3'x4') $89.00
Standard Quilt 25 squares (appx. 5'x5') $175.00
Large Quilt : 40 squares (appx. 5'x 8") $235
Double sided quilt 50 squares (appx. 5'x5') $300

Q. How much does a quilt cost?
A. Our standard 25 square quilt will be $175.00 (approx. 5'x5')
Our double sided quilt $300.00
Any extra cutting and sewing is: $5.00 each - example pocket logos, hat logos,. items that are smaller than 12" x12" and need to be cut and then sewn onto a 12"x 12" square.
Each additional row of shirts: $20.00

Q. Can I make it bigger?
A. Yes, you can add a row or rows to the bottom of your quilts. Each additional row is 5 squares and $20 extra.

Q. Can I use patches and pockets logos etc?
A. Yes. We can use almost anything we can cut and sew. Hats, towels, patches, logos etc. Most of these items are considered an extra cut and sew Each extra cut and sew is $5.00 extra.

Q. Do you supply fabric?
A. No. If you want to add fabric to your quilt you will need to pick and purchase approx.. 2 yards of your favorite fabric and mail with your items.

Q. Where do I ship my items?
A. The Loving Stitch
7617 Appaloosa Trail
Orange, CA 92869

Q. How do I make payment?
You can pay with PAYPAL or mail a check with your items. (Allow additional time for handling if paying by check)

Q. How many T-shirts do I need in order for you to create a quilt?
A. You can send between 4 - 25 T-shirts in order to make a quilt. We will use the fabric of your choice to fill in the rest of the quilt.

Q. Do I have to use fabric?
A. NO. If you use 25 T-shirts, there will be no need for fabric.

Q. How long does my order take once I send in my T-shirts and/or fabric?
A. Typically, it takes between 3-4 weeks.

Note: Sorry we do not accept certified mail because it causes delays when we are not here to sign for the package. Please use packages with tracking numbers (UPS/Fedex/USPS Express mail)

Q. If I have more than 25 items can I make my quilt longer?
A. Yes, we can add additional rows to your quilt. Each row consists of 5 squares and is an additional $20.00

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